6 Best WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

Sep 30, 2023

Marketing of your business website is very important when it comes to the success of your business, and emails to your customer base is one of the popular solutions to make this work. One of the fastest ways for a business to grow is to have a larger and an interactive email contact list. However, new website owners or bloggers mostly have a tough time grabbing the attention of their website’s visitors. In fact, it is safer to say deciding on the right WordPress Hosting for your WordPress website is considered a tough task. Nevertheless acquiring customer attention too is equally important. This usually requires understanding your customer’s needs and the pages visited frequently to converting visitors to subscribers.

In this post, we’ll be covering the benefits of an email list and subscription, furthermore, we list down the 6 best WordPress email subscription plugins to help your business grow.

Benefits of a Mailing List:

Building an email list is of paramount importance, more so if you run an online business or are a professional blogger. A mailing list helps give your content more significance which could have otherwise been lost in a sea of social media posts. For example, if you have an E-commerce website you could send your subscribers a newsletter at the start of each month compiling a list of upcoming promos, new product launches, achievements and statistics of the past month, etc.

Two key benefits of having a mailing list are:

  1. A mailing list gives you a direct connection with your subscribers who are in essence your customers or potential customers
  2. It also helps you in strengthening and building your brand. This can be done by sending monthly newsletters to your subscribers

Purpose of an Email Subscription

Email marketing far surpasses social media in terms of customer base, conversion and retention. If a user shows interest in a particular product or content, then email subscription is a good way to deliver them relevant content and keeping them engaged.

Some of the reasons why email subscriptions works wonders are;

  1. An email is a powerful tool when it comes to the success of your business. This is so because as opposed to social media that gives an air of catching up with trends and bonding with friends. Emails are reliable and directed more towards building a business by cultivating one-on-one customer relationships
  2. Emails are usually targeted to a specific set of audience that has already visited your website, and if they have subscribed to your website it is a clear indication they have liked the content on your website. With this knowledge, you can send them customised emails to yield better results and grab customer attention
  3. Another key reason for having a mailing is that even though your website/blog may be having an RSS feed, there might be some users who may not be that tech savvy and miss getting updates. An email subscription list, on the other hand, simplifies update receiving feature for all your users

6 Best WordPress Email Subscription Plugins
Now that we’ve seen the benefits of having a mailing list, it is equally important to send emails to the subscribers. To help simplify your task, we’ve compiled a list of 6 best email subscription plugins for WordPress. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

  1. MailOptin
    MailOptin is an Email Optin form, that helps in acquiring customers and helps in email marketing by engaging and growing your customer mailing list. It displays messages that are specifically targeted and ‘calls to action’ all over your WordPress site with popups at certain intervals.
    , Cheap Reseller HostingFeatures:
    • Comes with automated email and newsletter builder
    • It can easily be integrated with email marketing services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, MailPoet 3, Campaign Monitor etc
    • MailOptin helps you build beautiful, responsive and professional newsletter emails with its ready templates
  2. Bloom
    Bloom is a multi-facet plugin for WordPress by Elegant Themes. This plugin has some of the most aesthetic templates and can be used to build powerful opt-in forms. It supports 6 different kinds of opt-in forms namely fly-ins, widgets, pop-up, below post, locked content and inline.Features:
    • Bloom supports a lot of templates, though most of them aren’t unique they still have different colour combinations and this helps them to stand out from the rest
    • It has 6 types of triggers that help you configure the right moment to display the forms to your website visitors. They are – time delay, after scrolling, bottom of post, after commenting, after purchasing and after inactivity
    • It works with several email marketing services and has a user-friendly dashboard
      , Cheap Reseller Hosting
  3. OptinMonster
    With over 6 lakh active installations, OptinMonster is another popular WordPress email subscription plugin. Owing to this popularity it has now established itself as a Cloud-based application. With this the users are at ease as they can now manage their opt-in forms from a centralized location in a way of estimating your progress, editing, deploying or even creating new opt-in forms. This feature comes in handy when you have several WordPress websites.
    , Cheap Reseller Hosting
    • It is highly customizable and has numerous opt-in forms namely: popover, sidebar, slide-in, after post, canvas, mobile-only popover and footer. Depending on your plan these forms are included
    • Support content locking i.e displaying content only after a user enters his/her email address and dynamic text replacement in the form
    • Supports various autoresponders, email marketing services and also adding of custom CSS
  4. Email Subscribers and Newsletters
    Email Subscribers and Newsletters is a simple WordPress subscription plugin that enables you to collect leads, create a newsletter, send new blog notification emails automatically, and all this from one single place of management. Also, it allows easy integration with other plugins like Rainmaker and Icegram
    , Cheap Reseller HostingFeatures:
    • Allows admin to view if a particular user has opened the email sent to them
    • Easy customer leads collection by having a subscription box on the website in the form of a website, PHP code or shortcode and even supports various translations
    • Schedules email if required or even allows the admin to send them manually
  5. Thrive Leads
    Thrive Leads is another popular email subscription plugin for WordPress that allows you to grow your list of email subscribers easily. It supports a variety of templates, a drag-and-drop editor to customize the various opt-in forms right from scroll boxes to popups.
    , Cheap Reseller Hosting
    • It supports several popover triggers like Exit Intent
    • Thrive allows you to easily send your new subscriber a PDF or a free download for signing up on your WordPress website
    • You do not need much technical knowledge because of its easy drag-and-drop customizable form builder
  6. MailPoet
    One of the features of MailPoet is its nature of allowing users to directly create, manage subscriber list and send newsletters to your subscribers directly from your WordPress dashboard. It is notably the best email marketing plugin when it comes to newsletters. It comes up with a simple drag-and-drop editor as well as several responsive templates and a draft newsletter to get you started.
    , Cheap Reseller HostingFeatures:
    • MailPoet supports over 15 languages as translations some of them being French, German, Persian, Turkish etc
    • It allows users to create Newsletters, has an Autoresponder feature, Post Notifications, interactive subscriber/unsubscriber dashboard and statistics
    • Emails generated are responsive and optimised irrespective of the device used to read them

Choosing an Email Subscription Plugin:

Selecting an email subscription plugin much more than the popularity of the plugin largely depends on what you as a user. So before deciding on the best WordPress email subscription plugin for your site, you need to figure out what exactly do you wish to accomplish using it. Be it for creating landing pages, sending out a beautiful email newsletter or simply ease of management.

Once you’ve figured this out, creating and sending beautiful timely emails to your subscribers is an easy task that can be carried out seamlessly when all the logistics and requirements are met.

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