Reseller Hosting Glossary: Everything You Need to Know

Sep 18, 2023

It is safe to say that you are a web developer. Then, at this point, you should be planning or thinking of upping your income streams with new projects, right? How about if we tell you that you can be a reseller hosting facilitator and expand your own business? 

Becoming a reseller hosting facilitator is quite simple but you need to know the terms and usages that are predominant in this industry. Not because it’s a must, but because it will smoothen your journey into this world of web hosting. By all means, it would be fair to assume that since you are a developer you would know most or even some of them. But if you don’t then this could be a good starting point for you.

After purchasing a reseller web hosting plan of your choice, you will be asked to do a list of activities to get started but better so, before getting into it, learn everything that there is in the world of reseller hosting. With this topic, we will share with you a list of terms that are used in the reseller hosting world. So, if you want to know more and in-depth, please read further.

Understanding Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is the best arrangement that is utilized by numerous entrepreneurs like web engineers, developers, or business people who need to begin a web facilitating business. 

It is the most sold web hosting service in contrast with other web facilitating arrangements. It offers different hosting features that will assist with setting up a web facilitating business without any problem. In reseller hosting, you can profit from the adaptability, reasonableness, and unwavering quality of your work. This is because as much as the onus is on your partner hosting provider to deliver, the onus is on you to acquire your customers by differentiating and promoting your brand

Advantages of Reseller Hosting 

  1. Easy to manage reseller accounts
  2. Ability to white label so that you can have your own brand name
  3. Creating your own hosting packages
  4. cPanel management
  5. Low barriers to entry as resellers
  6. Ability to scale your business as much you want
  7. Ability to access clients’ websites to make amends

Being a beginner, you can start a web facilitating business with plans that you can afford. You can deal with your servers without having any specialized information. 

But before you do get into it, here is a whole list of terms you ought to know.

1. Uptime

The uptime of the web hosting supplier is the rate at which the website stays up. Normally it should be around 99.9%, which is an industry standard now. But anything more than that is also okay. 

2. Operating System

a) Linux hosting

It is an operating system that runs on a Linux system. It has a cPanel or WHM (Web Host Manager) alongside different features like unlimited domains, SSD disk space, unlimited transfer speed, Softaculous, free limitless SSL certificate, limitless MySQL database, and limitless email accounts. 

b) Windows hosting

It has a Plesk control panel including different elements like limitless domains, SSD disc space, limitless transfer speed, limitless MySQL databases, limitless email addresses, and a free domain reseller account. 

3. cPanel Account

cPanel is the fundamental component that permits the site proprietor to begin their web facilitating business. 

4. WHM for Linux

For simple working of Linux affiliate facilitating, it’s imperative to have a web host manager (WHM). Besides, it permits you to deal with the client’s accounts

5. Plesk for Windows

For Windows clients, Plesk is a solid and adaptable control panel.


Web Host Manager Complete Solution or WHMCS is valuable for the automation of your reseller web hosting business. It allows you to control information exchanges, billing, etc.

7. Softaculous

You will get 400+ applications in the Softaculous. It basically is a  script that you can install. You’re permitted to overhaul or even eliminate the applications from your site without any problem. 

8. Custom Nameserver

Nameserver is the extraordinary server on the web that handles inquiries from your pc. A domain name administration is known as a nameserver. With a custom nameserver, you can work your own nameserver for responding to DNS inquiries for your domains. 

9. Disk Space

Disk space allows you to store the information on the webserver. It incorporates a particular measure of GB of disk space that should be determined appropriately and furthermore screens the disk space prior to assigning in the hosting arrangement. As a reseller, you need to allot this properly to your customers.

10. Turnkey template

Turnkey templates are part of resellers’ hosting. If you decide to serve them to your online store or reseller domain, they will be assigned. You can customize it to your liking by changing the layout of the boxes on the main page and setting custom headers and footers for each template. One reseller account can assign different templates to different reseller host stores.

11. Remote form

With remote forms, you can resell your service or product from any website by integrating your order form, domain search form, and web hosting sign-up form into the HTML code of any web page. Each remote form can be customized from the reseller’s control panel.

12. Private DNS group

Private DNS clusters and groups are a great tool for increasing anonymity for resellers. With these, you can create a private name server based on your reseller’s domain name. The reseller panel offers three private DNS grouping packages, each with a mailing group.

13. SSL certificate

SSL certificates are used to encrypt the connection between your website and your visitors. This is very useful if you have an online store for your website. All hosting resellers can sell SSL certificates to existing web hosting customers at their own custom price. 

These are some of the most prominently used terminologies that are used in the world of reseller hosting. There are several others like A NAME records, CNAME records, etc. which are used but it is better to go with these first because most of the others are conditional. 


Here is hoping that you have everything you need to know when it comes to reseller hosting’s terminologies. If you have any more questions for us, please share them in the comments section below.

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