What is Web Hosting Manager (WHM)? How Does It Work?

Aug 23, 2023

Although not every hosting company, especially the large and well-established hosting companies, can cater to customers’ personalised hosting needs, Hosting Resellers fill the gap and provide customised hosting solutions to the customers.   

Reseller Server Hosting is ideal for starting your web hosting business from scratch without much investment and technical expertise. It allows you to sell custom and creative hosting services at a highly competitive rate—making it one of the most lucrative web hosting services. 

However, not every individual is well-versed with server-level expertise or client management. Hence, to make the job of Hosting Resellers easier—hosting companies usually offer useful software and tools with their Reseller Hosting plans. 

One such important tool is the Web Hosting Manager (WHM). In this article, we discuss and understand what WHM is, its importance, and how it works. So, let’s dive right in!

What Is Web Hosting Manager (WHM)?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is a web application or a server administration platform that offers administrative access to the backend of your cPanel and allows you to manage multiple cPanel accounts with ease. 

Thus, using a cPanel—you can create individual customer accounts, manage web hosting features, add domains, perform basic maintenance tasks, administer MySQL databases, and access and manage multiple accounts and sites from a single dashboard. 

Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, a WHM can be a powerful tool in your arsenal that provides more power and versatility to handle multiple clients on a single server. 

Now, let’s understand how  WHM works. 

How Does Web Host Manager (WHM) Work?

The primary purpose of WHM is to facilitate and simplify the complicated tasks of managing multiple hosting clients and running an entire Web Hosting Server for your business. 

Thus, it basically makes handling multiple cPanel accounts and taking care of their administrative tasks a breeze. 

Here’s what you can do with a WHM:

  1. Track all  server activities 

A Web Host Manager allows you to keep an eye on and track your server’s activities with ease. 

For instance, its Process Manager records all the running processes on the Hosting Server, and its Service Manager facilitates managing background tasks and other services. 

In addition, you can also view, diagnose, and monitor other server stats that signify how your resources are being used. 

  1. Files backup and restoration 

WHM makes it easy to set up automatic backups for a single hosting account or all the accounts. 

You can upload the backed up data to a remote storage location—like WebDAV or Google Drive, and restore it whenever required. 

  1. Add, modify, suspend, or remove cPanel accounts

Using WHM, you can manage and create cPanel accounts for all your clients or projects. 

Since every single of your client’s website is hosted on a separate cPanel account—it helps you keep a closer eye and track the development of each website and business development. 

  1. Create customised web hosting services 

If you offer niche web hosting solutions as a Hosting Reseller, WHM makes it easier to create custom hosting services that best fit your brand and cater to your client’s needs. 

It lets you have your business logo, documentation links, your business’s profile picture, and cPanel design. 

  1. Migrate new customers 

Using a WHM—you can quickly and easily move and migrate your client’s accounts from remote server locations. 

It also lets you change your client’s domain and user names. 

  1. Ensure seamless security management 

You can also use WHM to ensure the utmost security and protection of your Web Hosting Server. 

Here’s how you can secure your server and multiple cPanel accounts using a WHM: 

  • Encrypting outbound messages 
  • Installing  secure SSL Certificates on your customer’s websites throughout your server network. 
  • Providing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) features to your customers. 
  • Whitelisting or blacklisting specific IP addresses, countries, or an entire region. 


If you wish to start a Web Hosting Reseller business, WHM is a powerful tool to consider with your Reseller Hosting plan. It facilitates website management, handling several cPanel accounts, ensuring high server security, and taking file backup and recovery. 

Moreover, it also lets you create customised hosting plans and services—allowing you to create your brand identity and deliver excellent customer service. 

So, if you’re looking for a Reseller Hosting solution, ensure you choose the right plan that offers an intuitive cPanel WHM to facilitate website management for your business. 

You can also check out our highly reliable and affordable Reseller Hosting plans at Cheap Reseller Hosting. We offer a free WHM and cPanel with all our Reseller plans—allowing you to create and sell flexible hosting plans. You also get optimized performance, on-call support, and free hosting migration. 

So, check out our services and choose the best plan that perfectly suits your business needs. 

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