Why Reseller Hosting is a Great Option for Web Developers?

As a web developer, you might have faced issues developing your business or must have come across obstacles where you have limited your market. This is quite obvious especially when your own service has limitations. There is only as much as you can do as a web developer. Also, the service of web development, though recurring, gives good but limited returns. However, it is difficult to scale with just one offering as someone who lives and breaths web development passionately. 

If you love providing web-related services, why not scale your offerings by adding one major offering into your arsenal? Reseller hosting is that one service that can help you get more income as a business and make you more than just a web developer. To begin with, it helps you be a consolidated service provider with web services than just handling a small chunk of the website. Secondly, it is a good idea to become a reseller web hosting provider, because then your current client won’t have to go to other services to get web hosting for their website. They can do business with a known provider like you. 

Apart from these, there are many reasons why Reseller Hosting is a great option for web developers. This article seeks to explain to you web devs the same. So, if you want to generate more income from existing and new clients by adding more services and be a reseller, please keep reading further.

1. You don’t need to be a hosting expert

The simplicity of arrangement is likely one of the greatest  USPs for most reseller hosting plans and services. You don’t need to be a specialist in handling servers or web hosting to begin a reseller web hosting business.

The justification for this is that you truly aren’t going to do any specialized task yourself. You don’t need to operate servers, you don’t need to keep up with them, you don’t need to pay individuals to set everything up — nothing. You are, fundamentally, simply purchasing a hosting server making it accessible for your clients. 

2. You’re the main resource and point of contact

How about we neglect sagacious, tech-new businesses briefly. A great deal of non-tech organizations — from bread shops to craftsmen — everybody needs a site. For these non-tech organizations and people, a web developer and engineer is normally the primary resource when they intend to get on the web.

For the most part, you would simply configure, create, and afterwards pass everything to a hosting organization. However, assuming you’re offering web hosting too, you don’t need to pass on this potential benefit that can help you keep this client for long. Reseller hosting turns into a characteristic expansion to set up your web development business while guaranteeing added benefits. In short, it adds to the benefits you can give to your customers and you can be a one-stop-shop for everything websites.

3. You already have a good bunch of clients 

In case you’ve been an engineer or a web developer for some time and have been sensibly profitable, you as of now have an existing pool of clients, and likewise, you may as of now have successful procedures for getting more clients. You don’t need to spend too much on securing clients. Especially if you are starting out as a reseller hosting facilitator. Web hosting is presently an extra service that you can offer, and that can give you extra income.

4. Doesn’t cost a ton to begin 

The expense of entering reseller hosting isn’t high in the first place because there isn’t a great deal to spend on. Basically saying that you need a reseller hosting plan, and that is all you need to do to get going. As your business develops, you can add a chatbot or set up a support care group to guarantee that your clients get the right help. You can gradually expand your group and don’t really have to do it right from the beginning.

Avoid putting resources into a costly reseller hosting plan at the beginning. Each business develops step by step, and the equivalent is the situation with reseller hosting. You will acquire clients and develop your business gradually and consistently. Thus, guarantee that you pick a fundamental arrangement for a hosting plan that is sufficient for your current customer base. Additionally, reseller hosting plans are effectively versatile. In this way, as the interest goes up, you can basically add assets and space to oblige those necessities to provide customized reseller hosting packages. Thus, you can begin with an essential and reasonable arrangement and scale up your assets and venture as the business develops.

5. Consistent administration with WHM and cPanel 

All reseller hosting plans from any respectable organization will accompany two astounding applications — WHM and cPanel. These applications will improve your hosting experience in general. WHM is a reseller hosting dashboard that allows you to oversee everything about your account. From automatic billing to sending updates, it does everything. Likewise, its GUI (Graphic User Interface) is intended to be not difficult to utilize, particularly for clients who are new to the web hosting business.

cPanel is principally for your users. It assists them with setting up and keeping up with their sites effortlessly. It additionally permits them to control significant parts of their websites, which implies that you don’t need to invest an excessive amount of energy fixing their issues.

Overall Benefits 

There’s a good amount of income that can be generated by providing reseller hosting services. One more benefit that will go a long way is that the returns are great with reseller hosting. A vast majority of online businesses set up a site and own it for quite a long time. All through that time frame, they’re paying for it. Thus, having a bunch of clients can make reseller hosting a  great side income which can take shape into a core business.

Quick and dependable, administration and support, are fundamental, from your web facilitating organization. In case something happens to your customer’s website have the option to get the issue settled as quickly as time permits from your parent brand. You don’t need customers being discontent with your facilitating administrations, as this will start affecting your brand’s reputation.

Reseller hosting can be a truly productive side business for web developers if you track down the right hosting partner. It might take a good amount of your time, nonetheless, if done properly, it would be a one-time effort that will repay you in the years to come again and again.


Truth be told, as a web developer, you definitely have an upper hand when it comes to becoming a reseller hosting business. Unlike many other entrepreneurs who want to get into the web hosting business, you won’t have to spend time learning technical terms or industry jargon in the beginning, thus saving you loads of time. It is plug-and-play for someone like you. If you have found this piece useful, or have comments and feedback to share, please do the same in the section below. We will answer your doubts satisfactorily. 

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