Is Reseller Hosting Still Profitable And Why?

Aug 27, 2023

The demand for web hosting plans and services is rising each day. According to research—the global web hosting market and industry is expected to reach $183.05 billion at a CAGR of 15.2% by 2027, which was valued at $57.46 million back in 2019

This ever-growing demand for web hosting services increases the competition amongst the leading hosting companies.    

So, the question is, in this highly competitive market with well-established hosting providers–-is a Web Hosting Reseller business and opting for Reseller Hosting still profitable? And if yes, why? 

This blog answers this question and discusses what makes Reseller Hosting a truly profitable hosting solution. But first, let’s learn more about this hosting service. 

What is Reseller Web Hosting? 

Reseller Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting lets you start and run your own web hosting company and sell hosting services to your clients/customers. The idea is to buy bulk hosting packages from a parent hosting provider and sell them in a highly customised and personalised manner at profit. 

Reseller Hosting doesn’t require you to invest in the hosting infrastructure or learn advanced high-end technical skills. 

You just need to buy a suitable Reseller Hosting plan to get a reseller account—and you’re all set to tweak the hosting plans and sell them per your unique offerings and pricing model. 

Now, let’s learn whether Reseller Hosting is still profitable or not. 

Is Reseller Hosting still a profitable business venture? 

The short and simple answer is yes! 

Here are some reasons that make Reseller Server Hosting a profitable web hosting solution. 

  1. The increasing demand for personalised solutions 

There has been a rising demand and need for affordable, convenient, and personalised web hosting solutions that small websites and businesses can rely on. 

Since these businesses are new to the industry—they require some helping hand and dedicated support with their website hosting journey. 

Offering this type of dedicated support is not always feasible and possible for large and well-established hosting companies, as they have a large customer base. In addition, providing high customisation and personalisation is also a challenge for large hosting providers. 

Thus, as a Hosting Reseller—you can fill in the gap and cater to your clients’ needs that require unique, personalised, creative, and customised hosting solutions per their specific business needs. 

Fulfilling this demand will help you earn profits and allow you to gain experience with time in your specific niche, and let you build a credible business. 

  1. Requires low investment 

Large web hosting companies need to set up a full-fledged web hosting infrastructure and server infrastructure to store, maintain and manage their Hosting Servers. 

This infrastructure requires a large amount of physical space and equipment to ensure these servers’ proper cooling and functioning. However, as a Hosting Reseller, you don’t have to invest in any hardware, software, or server infrastructure—as it is managed and taken care of by your web hosting provider. 

So, unlike other businesses or well-established hosting companies, you save a lot of money on expensive servers and maintenance. Instead, you simply need to invest in a solid Reseller Hosting plan from the right hosting provider—and you’re good to go!

  1. Manage your hosting business from a remote location

Another benefit and feature that makes Reseller Hosting highly profitable is that you can run your hosting venture from the comfort of your home or any other remote location. 

Since you don’t need to check up on your physical servers or make the effort for their maintenance—you’re not restricted to a single location and instead can work from anywhere and any place of your choice. 

It also saves the cost of transport/travel, office space investment, and a lot of other facets that come with managing a business physically. 

  1. Tools for efficient management—WHMCS, WHM, cPanel 

What’s more—to ensure efficient website and business management and offer high-quality hosting services to your customers, you also get the necessary tools like an intuitive cPanel and an automated billing integration. 

Solutions like cPanel make website management a breeze. It lets you easily create and modify custom reseller accounts, delete accounts, upgrade or downgrade customer accounts, and even create custom and flexible web hosting plans with no hassle. 

In addition, billing integration software such as WHMCS makes creating invoices, accepting payments, and handling customer billing easy and efficient. 

  1. White Label service 

white label service allows you to sell your web hosting plans and packages under your brand name—and not that of your hosting company’s. 

It basically conceals the relationship between you and your parent web hosting provider—exhibiting your business as an independent hosting company. 

This feature is extremely important for building a strong brand identity and creating a successful and profitable web hosting business. 


So, yes—Reseller Hosting is indeed a highly lucrative and profitable hosting solution, which allows you to sell custom hosting packages, offer dedicated customer support, and make great profits. 

It’s a perfect hosting solution if you’re a web professional. Adding hosting services within your web developing or designing services will help you stand out from other web professionals and offer a one-stop solution for your clients. 

Thus, whether you wish to earn a passive income or build a full-blown hosting business–-check out our Reseller Hosting solutions at Cheap Reseller Hosting. We provide on-call support, a free WHM and cPanel, optimised performance, and so much more—allowing you to build a profitable hosting venture. 

So, check out our Reseller Hosting plans and choose one that best fits your business needs and requirements. 

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