Top 5 Benefits Of Sitelock Security

Cybersecurity risks and online threats are growing at an enormous rate. For instance, cybercriminal activities—including data breaches and malware attacks, are up by a whopping 600% since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moreover, cybercrime will cost companies and organizations $10.5 trillion by 2025 from $3 trillion in 2015—growing at a 15% CAGR. Hence, these figures only signify the growing importance of implementing the best security practices for your website. 

Unfortunately, cybercrime spares no one—equally targeting huge and small, and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). While large corporations lose years of critical business and customer data, SMBs cannot afford the cybercrime cost. 

Hence, ensuring website security is paramount, irrespective of your website or business size. This is where SiteLock Website Security comes in. 

In this article, we’ll learn more about SiteLock Security and its benefits for your business. 

What Is SiteLock Website Security? 

SiteLock Security is a cloud-based website security solution that protects small websites and businesses with no cybersecurity budget. 

It’s a comprehensive website scanning and malware removal solution—providing a one-stop-shop solution for all the security needs of small websites. 

It scans your entire network and website to detect and fix vulnerabilities before they cause further damage. In addition, it scans and fixes malware, blocks harmful traffic, performs FTP scanning, and more to ensure high website security. 

Let’s get more into the benefits of SiteLock Security for your website. 

Top Benefits Of SiteLock Security For Your Website

Here are some excellent reasons you need SiteLock Security for your website protection. 

1. Daily 360-degree scanning and security

The most significant benefit of SiteLock is that it scans your website, network, and applications daily with many tools—primarily to check malware injection. 

Malware injection is a hacking attempt where hackers inject malicious code into your network to steal sensitive data, such as business files and customer information, lock application access, etc. 

SiteLock combines a bunch of tools—including enterprise-grade level firewall detection tools, to detect malware presence and remove them immediately. 

2. Comes with a bunch of tools

While SiteLock is a single security solution, it has several excellent security tools for specific tasks, such as FTP scanning, email anti-spam scanning, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), and SQL scanning. 

Moreover, all these tools—including malware scanning tools, malware removal tools, vulnerability patching tools, backup tools, DDoS protection software, anti-virus software, firewalls, and more work seamlessly together with no performance interruption on your website. 

In addition, none of these security tools requires separate configuration—just with a little human intervention, and these tools work together automatically. Hence, within a single application, you get an entire range of security solutions—making SiteLock the most valuable security service. 

3. Improves website SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key to building a thriving online presence, attracting more potential customers, and driving your business sales. The better your website’s SEO, the higher its chances of appearing above the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Amongst all other factors, including uptime, speed, and performance—Security is one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors for all the top search engines, including Google. 

Google checks for vulnerability points within a particular website to determine its security, and if it finds the maximum number of vulnerabilities—it pushes websites down the results page. 

With its excellent tools, SiteLock helps remove vulnerabilities from your website—boosting its SEO performance and helping you reach your target audience. 

4. Builds customer trust

Once you purchase the SiteLock Website Security plan, it provides a badge or trust seal—showing your customers that your website is secured and protected by the SiteLock Security solution. 

SiteLock updates this trust seal daily, indicating your website has passed all the security scans. Hence, it significantly boosts customer trust—which is essential for online businesses. 

5. Cost-effective and convenient

You need not purchase tools like anti-malware or anti-virus individually to protect your website, as SiteLock provides many essential security tools. In addition, it helps you save a lot of precious money—making it an affordable security solution for small businesses. 

Moreover, you need not possess the advanced technical expertise to install or set up SiteLock on your website, as the process is straightforward and user-friendly. 


Finding and configuring the right security tool for your business can get overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Hence, SiteLock is a fantastic solution for small and medium-sized businesses—offering a comprehensive scanning and malware removal security solution at a budget-friendly rate. 

It helps protect your website and boosts its SEO performance and customer trust—enhancing business credibility and reliability. 

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