Which Social Media Platforms Should I Target to Market my Web Hosting Business?

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With the increase in the demand for web hosting plans and services—there has been an increase in the competition between several well-established and emerging web hosting providers in the hosting industry.     

Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, it’s important to market your Web Hosting Reseller business to your target market to ensure high customer acquisition and maximum retention. 

Social media marketing and promotions are the widely popular and most adopted marketing strategies, considering the huge volume of users active on multiple social media platforms. According to Hootsuite—1.3 million users joined different social media platforms in 2020 every single day, and the number is only increasing. 

This article shares the best social media platforms to market your Reseller Hosting business and target the right audience. But first, let’s learn more about the importance of marketing your Web Hosting Reseller business. 

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Reseller Hosting Business

While it’s quite easy to start your Reseller Hosting business, the real challenge lies in taking the required marketing steps and efforts to promote your business to the right audience. 

Here’s how effective social media marketing can help your business: 

  • Helps create brand awareness—making your business reach thousands and more people. 
  • Drives customer engagement with your business and services—increasing business credibility and brand loyalty. 
  • Results in higher conversion and acquisition rates. 
  • Creates a positive word of mouth and increases inbound leads and sales. 

Now that we’ve seen the importance of social media marketing for your hosting business, let’s look at some of the best platforms you can leverage to market your web hosting business. 

4 Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing Your Web Hosting Business 

While there are numerous social media platforms you can target—prioritizing the right platforms and investing your time and money towards the right social media platforms can help you yield maximum Return on Investment (ROI). 

Here are some of the outstanding and most widely popular social media platforms you can target to market your Web Hosting Reseller business per your specific business niche. 

  1. Facebook 

Up until Q3 2021—Facebook has over 1.93 billion daily active users with maximum diversity in terms of gender, age, and demographics. 

So, no matter your Reseller Hosting business niche, creating a solid presence on Facebook can help you attract more clients and leads to your business. 

It’s beneficial to polish your business profile and make it look close to your website as much as possible. Facebook is especially an excellent platform to create and post regular blogs and video content—as 81% of businesses leverage Facebook for video marketing. 

Suppose your target audience is local business owners, for instance, local cake shop owners—you can attract clients via Facebook Ads or even use the Facebook Messenger chatbot to automate responses to your prospects and customers. 

  1. LinkedIn 

When we talk about LinkedIn in 2022—it’s none less than a B2B gold mine. 

It’s one of the top organic and paid social media platforms for B2B businesses—providing success to 82% of B2B marketers

LinkedIn is a professional platform—beneficial for businesses offering professional services like web hosting. Thus, you can find a wide range of clients and businesses looking for web hosting plans and services on LinkedIn. 

You can share your customer success stories, testimonials, web hosting tips and strategies for marketing yourself as an expert within your niche and industry and create a good first impression in front of your prospective clients. 

  1. YouTube 

Being the second most popular and largest search engine globally, YouTube is an excellent content and video marketing channel for your business. 

It’s one of the lucrative social marketing channels for retail and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industries. As a Hosting Reseller, you can demonstrate your services and web hosting plans in a video format with Unique Selling Points (USPs) to your target consumers. 

In addition, you can also leverage paid YouTube advertising to promote your hosting solutions and attract customers to your business. 

The total number of YouTube users is expected to reach 2.8 million by 2025. Thus, it’s safe to say if you want success with social media marketing—you shouldn’t ignore YouTube from your social media marketing strategy. 

  1. Twitter 

Twitter is another important social media platform that focuses on real-time content and is gaining popularity for professional services and marketing. 

You can tweet about your latest web hosting offerings, sales, discounts, new add-ons, and other beneficial and time-sensitive content that attracts customers and boost your business sales. 

In addition, you can also improve your business credibility by replying to your customer queries, tweeting, and providing efficient solutions. You can also leverage hashtags to ensure 100% engagement and paid advertising with Twitter. 


Suppose you’re starting and launching a new Web Hosting Reseller business. In that case, you must give equal priority and importance to creating a solid social media marketing strategy and identifying the right platforms to market your hosting business. 

While we haven’t touched many other social media platforms here—including Instagram and Snapchat, it’s essential to identify where your target consumers hang out the most and double down on those platforms for maximum ROI. 

Therefore, make sure you explore the social media platforms mentioned in this article and choose ones that best match your business niche and needs. 

If you’re looking for reliable Reseller Hosting solutions for your business, check out our Reseller Hosting plans at Cheap Reseller Hosting. We offer multi-channel support, free cPanel and WHM, optimized performance, and more. So, look at our plans and pricing and contact us to choose the right plan for your web hosting business needs. 

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